History of the Conference

The Music City Social Emotional Learning Conference is an exciting annual event hosted by Metro Nashville Public Schools and Alignment Nashville’s Behavioral Health A-Team designed to address the urgent need to educate teachers and school staff in Social Emotional Learning competencies and practices, in order to create long-term systemic change around positive school climate, stronger support systems for students, improved student health, academic engagement, and overall student success.

Since the inaugural conference in July 2011, educators, mental health providers, SEL experts, and other community partners have come together around a common goal to provide a variety of workshops throughout the day for educators–promoting understanding and awareness of SEL and how it impacts school climate and academic engagement, and teaching on-the-ground skills that allow teachers to become models of SEL practice for their students.

Participation in the Social Emotional Learning Conference has exponentially grown since 2011, prompting the need for diversified content, critical support from community partners and sponsors, and powerful collaboration and coordination to ensure an outstanding experience year after year.